White Belt Training

An 8 hour course to provide an understanding of what Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma are.  By the conclusion of the class you’ll have an understanding of what each of these continuous improvement processes are and how they work together.  You’ll learn about their histories, the difference between precision and accuracy, the 8 Lean Wastes, what a Kaizen is and how it’s used, what a Pareto Chart is and how to use one and how to choose between and rank competing opportunities using a tool named a Cause and Effect Matrix.

What You’ll Learn

    • History of the Lean Six Sigma methodology
    • The difference between  Precision and Accuracy
    • The 8 Lean Wastes
    • What a Kaizen is and how it’s used
    • How to use a Pareto Chart
    • Choosing between and ranking competing opportunities using a Cause and Effect Matrix.
    • Reasons why professionals utilize Lean Six Sigma
    • Learn what DMAIC and DMADV projects are and when to use which
    • Learn about DMAIC projects and how to immediately participate on one!
    • Learn about DMAIC
    • Successfully contribute as a member of a Lean Kaizen or Lean Six Sigma Project
    • Can decide if Lean Six Sigma is right for you
    • Knowledge to help you in the next level of training


How To Get Started

Our face to face learning experiences are for those who prefer to have immediate instructor interaction. Our classes can be scheduled at our location or at your workplace. Contact us for more information.


Our online classes offer the convenience of studying from you location and at your pace.