Green Belt Training

A comprehensive Face to Face course totaling over 65 hours, in conformance with the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) requirements, with the ability to take the IASSC Green Belt examination to become a Certified Green Belt.   This class includes all of the IASSC Body of Knowledge requirements (link below) with the added bonus of being able to successfully lead a Lean Six Sigma Project as well as a Lean Kaizen.  The course delivery timeframe will range from seven 7 to  8 hour sessions, or multiple 3 to 4 hour sessions spanning multiple weeks adapted to the needs of the Client for group training (excluding prework, homework and project activities).  Students are required to bring 3 or more potential opportunities to the class so that the most viable one can be chosen and the others ranked as a hands-on exercise.  This course will also provide you a foundation for IASSC Certified Black Belt training available in 2019!

What You’ll Learn

    • Appreciate the difference between Precision & Accuracy
    • Understand what constitutes a Measurement System
    • Understand the elements of a Measurement System Analysis
    • Understand and use two key MSA Tools (Gauge & Attribute R&R)


How To Get Started

At this time we only offer our Green Belt certification in the classroom setting.

Our face to face learning experiences are for those who prefer to have immediate instructor interaction. Our classes can be scheduled at our location or at your workplace. Contact us for more information.